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New series of paintings released

Amy Dixon

I am super excited to release my new series of paintings inspired by winter. The winters in northern Alberta can be very long and dark (and so, so cold. brrrr).  This series of work explores the other side of this chilly season; the beautiful pastel hues that reflect in the snow, the welcomed sunny day after a week of darkness and the cozy feeling of being curled up indoors with a hot mug of tea and a good book.

I've collaborated with a local writer, Jeremy Bibaud, to bring to life the spirit of my new collection of works. He is super talented (and dreamy... did I mention he's also my partner? Perks of dating an artist :) ) and it's been a really inspiring experience. I often struggle to put into words what my paintings mean, so having someone to work with on this has been great. I'll be working with him on future collections too!